Best Braiding Tutorials We Love

Learn how to do a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid, and even a five-strand braid with these easy-to-follow videos

french fishtail video tutorial

French fishtail braid

Take the fishtail braid one step further with iampurrfect’s video tutorial for the French fishtail braid. The biggest difference? Instead of including all of your hair in the two sections, you’re starting with a smaller section of hair near the top of your head and adding hair as you go. And who doesn’t love hearing Regina Spektor as background music? Watch the video to the left for the entire tutorial.

Things to keep in mind: Hair tends to slip more when you’re French fishtail braiding, so use your thumb to pin down your hair whenever you cross a section over to the other side. This will make it easier to grab the next section of hair when it’s time to cross over.