Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

What happens when one editor spends the day at a hairstyle photo shoot? A lot -- but not much of it is glamorous

Nioxin photo shoot

The Photo Shoot Bible

After I’ve checked out the models, I head over to the lounging area (read: sofas and throw pillows) for an interview with one of the stylists. Sitting on the coffee table is a spiral bound notebook that contains every single detail for the shoot.

Besides a call sheet with the timeline for the shoot, the book also includes:

• a list of props, like specific lights and photo equipment

• photos for makeup (an editorial of Mischa Barton made the book)

• styling/wardrobe examples, even down to the type of bra the model needs to wear

• maps to the location and around the studio

• everyone’s contact information, from the brand peeps to the hairstylists

• a weather report — maybe something to do with hair and frizz? That’s my guess.

This book is the lifeblood of the shoot, and keeps everyone informed on set. One of the staff even tells me that an entire company is hired just to organize all this information.