Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

What happens when one editor spends the day at a hairstyle photo shoot? A lot -- but not much of it is glamorous

Sebastian photo shoot

The Role of the Photog

Finally, it’s time for the first photo to be taken. It’s going on 1 p.m., and considering these people started work early in the morning, it feels like a long time to just now get started … And then there’s an announcement: The photographer wants everyone to leave.

Well, maybe not the model or the stylists, but all those extra people milling about? We’re out. Luckily, there’s another shoot for the Sebastian brand going on down the hall that I’m invited to.

At Sebastian, the crew is already taking photos. But I’m amazed at how little the photographer actually does — not to dis him. Wardrobe stylists swap accessories on and off the model, a hairstylist takes 20 minutes just to get the hair to lay properly and preforms an impromptu bang trim, and the assistants run around adjusting lights. Once everything settles, three more quick snaps, and then the craziness starts all over again.

OK, so the photographer gets one cool perk — usually she or he selects the music. This is to get the right energy and vibe off the model, I’m told.