Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

What happens when one editor spends the day at a hairstyle photo shoot? A lot -- but not much of it is glamorous

Sebastian photo shoot

A Shopaholic’s Dream

With only two models at each shoot (Nioxin and Sebastian) and two looks each, you’d think there wouldn’t be many clothes … and you would be wrong. For the Nioxin shoot, at least four racks of clothes are stuffed with everything from bras to T-shirts to shoes in a variety of neutral colors.

Over at Sebastian, the wardrobe stylists have taken over an entire room — and this look is a lot more edgy. Everything is black, but in a multitude of textures: leather, plastic, fur, spandex.

As Ingersoll explains, “You may have 100 white T-shirts, but they’re not all the same. They have little variations, and you need to have options ready.” As I watch the Sebastian shoot, one of the PR reps leans across and says, “The worst is when they set up a whole look — clothing, accessories, hair, makeup — only to find it doesn’t work. That can waste hours.”