Dye Time: Hair Color Trends to Try

Highlights the same color as your natural hair? So last year. Now you should try these colorful dyed tips

colored hair chalking

Chalking 101

Ready to chalk? Swing by your local craft store and pick up some sidewalk chalk or soft/dry pastels. Just make sure you don’t buy oil pastels. Oil pastels won’t work, and they’ll leave your hair a greasy mess.

Before chalking, Merrie suggests applying a good pomade, like Sebastian Matte Putty, $14, to the hair. “This creates a gritty surface for the chalk to stick to. Chalking doesn’t work nearly as well if the hair is dry,” she says. You can also just wet the hair for a similar effect.

Once you’ve applied the pomade and selected a piece of hair to chalk, Hill recommends twisting the strands before chalking. “This is so the color doesn’t look so deliberately placed,” she explains. Color the twisted strand heavily, then let it go. Finally, mist your hair with hairspray to lock in the chalk.