Dye Time: Hair Color Trends to Try

Highlights the same color as your natural hair? So last year. Now you should try these colorful dyed tips

pink hair color

Seeing Colors

Teal green. Deep blue. Pale peach. These are just some of the colors girls are trying right now. But the most popular shade? “All the girls want pink — and there are hundreds of shades of pink,” says Jarman. Merrie agrees, adding that all kinds of pastel shades are hot right now. “It’s almost summer so girls are going for lighter colors, plus pastels don’t cause as big of a contrast with many natural hair colors. It creates more of a subtle effect.”

Darker jewel tones are also very popular, says Merrie. Beet purples and deep blues are finding their way into the mix. Another bonus to choosing a deep jewel tone like blue is the variety of hues that appear when the color begins to fade. “I love blue because it eventually fades to a turquoise green,” says Hill.

As for the colors to avoid, Hill says she hasn’t seen a lot of primary colors, like bright red or yellow, or deep green.