Dye Time: Hair Color Trends to Try

Highlights the same color as your natural hair? So last year. Now you should try these colorful dyed tips

green dip-dye hair

Time for a Dip

Dipped tips are the most popular way to wear this hair color trend. The process requires a pretty big commitment because the hair must be bleached before any color is applied — even if you’re already blonde. Because this process is complex, many stylists recommend that you get your tips dipped at the salon. You can also get a wider variety of hues since the color is mixed to your preference.

Merrie explains how the process works: First, the stylist applies the bleach to the ends of the hair. After the hair has turned a light yellow color, the stylist blots the hair. Then, she applies the color pigment to the bleached areas. Once the color has set, the stylist rinses the hair, revealing the final color. If you’ve already experimented with the ombre look, you have a leg up. “This is great for girls who had the ombre look. They already have the bleached tips, so they just need to add color,” says Hill.

Keep in mind, bleaching your hair will damage it, so it’s usually easier to trim the colored ends off rather than try to re-dye them.