2012 Budget Fashion Blogger Contest

Think you know how to dress on a budget? These 8 fashion bloggers make it look incredibly easy (and chic)

Great Escape

Name: Sarah Gleeson

Blog: Raving Fashionista

Why we love her: Sarah always makes us smile with her colorful daily posts. She keeps readers hooked with her high-fashion style on a low-cost budget. Can we please spend a day in her closet?

Sarah’s Outfit Inspiration: “When I think about summer, I see tropical destination getaways with palm trees, fruity cocktails, clear teal oceans, and big vibrant flowers in a rainbow of colors. Since island hopping isn’t in my warm weather budget, dressing in vivid hues is the perfect way to channel beachy bliss.”

Price Breakdown:

• Sleeveless Dress: $13.80 from Forever 21
• Strappy Heels: $49.90 from Zara
• Seashell Belt: Thrifted for $7

• Necklaces: $20 from New York & Co.

Grand Total: $90.70

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