2012 Budget Fashion Blogger Contest

Think you know how to dress on a budget? These 8 fashion bloggers make it look incredibly easy (and chic)

Simply Stylish

Name: Lynzy Carey

Blog: Sparkling Footsteps

Why we love her: From her effortlessly chic style to tips on home design and exercise, Lynzy provides a fashionable take on nearly any topic. The fact she always looks like a million bucks — without having to actually spend it — makes us love her even more.

Lynzy’s Outfit Inspiration: “I have been drawn to more simplistic looks lately and have been loving the simple white tee and denim outfits. I decided to add a pop of color with a scarf that I simply tied into a bow around my neck. It’s the little accessories that can sometimes make the outfit.”

Price Breakdown:

• White Tee: $6 from Forever 21
• Bow Scarf: $14 from Etsy

• Denim Shorts: $25 from Madewell
• Brown Heels: $40 from Zara
• Sunglasses: $15 from Asos

Grand Total: $100.00

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