2012 Budget Fashion Blogger Contest

Think you know how to dress on a budget? These 8 fashion bloggers make it look incredibly easy (and chic)

High-ly Fashionable

Name: Sam Wishlinski

Blog: My Latest Obsession

Why we love her: Martha Stewart look out, Sam Wishlinski has your number. As one of the craftiest ladies on the web, she manages to seamlessly mix DIY projects and thrifted fashions for a Bohemian chic style that has us running to our nearest GoodWill.

Sam’s Outfit Inspiration: “High waisted shorts + a cute crop top + fabulous hat + no shoes = the perfect summer outfit! High waisted shorts have become my summer go-to, they’re so easy and comfortable, and in the Texas summer heat, it’s just about all you want to wear!”

Price Breakdown:

• Woven Hat: $20 from Forever 21
• Floral Crop Top: DIYed for $3
• High Waited Shorts: Thrifted for $6
• Woven Belt: Thrifted for $3
• Skinny Bead Bracelet: DIYed for $9

Grand Total: $41.00

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