9 Best Beachy Hairstyles

Summer has arrived ... Is your hair beach-ready? Whether you're costal or landlocked, we've found the very best beachy hairstyles

french braid hairstyle

No. 9: French Braid Top Knot

A French braid + messy top knot = the most beachy hairstyle ever. Rittner gives us the rundown on achieving this braided top knot:

1. Beginning with unwashed hair, prep your hair with a texturizing product, like KMS California Hair Play Texture Blast, $16, to get a beachy, matte texture. Once applied, use a blow dryer to set the product into your hair.

2. Section your hair into two pieces; a front section (from the middle of your crown to your face), and a back section (from the middle of your crown to the back of your head).

3. Begin French braiding on one side of your head at your temple, collecting more hair as you braid backward on a diagonal. Eventually broaden your sections as you move toward the back of your head. End your braid where your head begins to curve down.

4. Pull the second section (and the remaining hair) into a high ponytail where the braid left off. Combine the two tails into a high top knot. Leave it a bit loose and messy for an undone style.

5. Spray hair well with hairspray or finish with a dry oil for a matte look.