9 Best Beachy Hairstyles

Summer has arrived ... Is your hair beach-ready? Whether you're costal or landlocked, we've found the very best beachy hairstyles

twisted bun hairstyle

No. 8: Do the Twist

Add a pop of color by weaving a bright scarf throughout your twisted bun. Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner tells us how to get this twisty bun:

1. Start with unwashed hair. Prep your hair with a texture spray, like Prive Texture Spray, $25, to give your hair a gritty beach feel. Blow dry completely.

2. Using a paddle brush, comb your hair back with medium tightness at your scalp. There should be just enough tension so that you can still finger comb your hair. Pull your hair into an off-center ponytail and secure with an elastic.

3. Tuck the top of a colored scarf into your elastic, twist the scarf around your hair. Once your hair and scarf are twisted, twist the entire coil into a bun. Tightly place hairpins around your bun, securing it in place.

4. Spray hair with a strong-hold hairspray, then if desired, use your fingers as a comb in the front to break your texture up a bit.