Superstar Hairstylists You Need to See

Celebs don't just go to any old stylist for a haircut. Meet the peeps behind some of the most iconic looks ever

Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger

Nothing says the ’70s quite like a shag hairstyle, á la Carol Brady from “The Brady Bunch.” But that all changed when hairstylist Sally Hershberger updated the style for her client Meg Ryan in 1996. Called the “Sally Shag,” the style transformed Ryan’s dull shoulder-length hair into a funky, multi-layered look that women everywhere soon wanted to copy.

These days, Hershberger charges upward of $800 for a cut, and likes to do the cutting with a razor while the hair is dry. Yet, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: Her enthusiasm for the shag. “The reason that I love the shag so much is that it really emphasizes layers,” says Hershberger. “Anything that has movement is considered shag.”

If you can’t afford to drop close to a grand for a Hershberger haircut, you can still experience a little of her magic with her product line available at drugstores nationwide.