2013 Hair Color Trends

Ombré? So 2012. We're counting down the hair color trends you're about to see everywhere

Blended Ombré

There’s no denying that last year was all about ombré. “We saw more of the severe-looking ombré trend in 2012,” says Dumas. “There was a distinct line separating the dark and light hair.” But for 2013, Dumas predicts that the new version of the ombré trend will be subtle and not so in-your-face. “If the old ombré was a scream, then the new ombré is a whisper,” says Dumas. “The new ombré is all about bringing the lighter color strands closer to the roots, creating a blended, softer look.”

If you have brunette hair, Dumas suggests you go for a contrasting shade in caramel; if you are a redhead she suggests strawberry; and if you are blonde she recommends going for platinum or champagne-colored tips. “What makes the blended ombré style so great is that it’s one of those rare looks that is truly available to everybody,” says Dumas.