Side Swept Bangs on Long Hair

Not sure you want to try the blunt style bangs that are currently trending? Start with side swept bangs. These can be cut at several different lengths, so before you chop, think about the best length to flatter your face shape.

Cheekbone Length

Cheekbone length side swept bangs on long hair work well because they accentuate the angles of your cheekbone. Get these cut with a few other face-framing strands for a gradual, layered look. This style looks great with romantic curls.

Short, Chunky Side Swept Bangs

These bangs can usually be styled straight forward a la Zooey Deschanel, or swept off to the side. Reese Witherspoon often rocks this look, with both long and short hair. It’s one that is youthful and fun, and you can either choose to dramatize it and sweep them forward, or brush them off to the side. This length of side swept bangs on long hair will help to define and accentuate your eyes. Check out this gallery of hairstyles with bangs for more celebrity styles. 

Gradual Side Swept Bangs

This style starts out short, usually at the place where your side part meets your forehead. Have your bangs cut so that a gradual taper takes place and integrates the bangs into the rest of your hair.

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