What is Hair Bonding?

What is hair bonding? It can’t be exactly what it sounds like, right? Because that would mean you’re gluing hair to your head or something, and that’s crazy. Except, that’s exactly what hair bonding is.

Hair bonding refers to a method of applying hair extensions using an adhesive to “bond” the hair piece to your natural hair. Usually it’s a rubber-based glue, which you can purchase yourself from a beauty supply store or pharmacy. The hair weft (available for purchase from a beauty supply store, online, or at a salon) should be applied under a layer of hair. If you’re going to (bravely) DIY this, we recommend a lot of mirrors and maybe a friend to help you. Apply the glue to the weft and apply it right below the part, being careful not to get the glue on the scalp.

Once you want to remove the weft, apply a hair bond removal agent, which you can get from a beauty supply store. Carefully part the weft from your natural hair. You may need to apply the removing agent several more times to get all of the bonding glue out of your hair.

There are many hair extension application processes to choose from; this is just one of them. The pros to this method are a longer lasting process than many other options, and a relatively seamless look to the hair. The cons are the potentially damaging and difficult removal process. Also, you’re literally gluing something to your hair, which seems just a little counter-intuitive. However, when done by a professional, the outcome of bonded hair is often natural and easy to style. Now that you know the answer to “What is hair bonding?” you can make an informed decision when it comes to deciding what kind of hair extensions will work best for you.

P.S. – A tip we learned from a beauty dare: If you’re looking to extend your hair, a good test is trying clip-in extensions.