Virtual Hair Makeover

Have you ever excitedly shown a picture of your favorite celebrity haircut to your hairstylist, only to be disappointed (read: incredibly, utterly devastated and inconsolable) when it was recreated on your head? It’d be nice if we could try out haircuts before the shears get anywhere near our precious hair, so no one ever ends up with disappointing results.

Enter our virtual hair makeover tool. Try on Victoria Beckham’s chic bob haircut or Jessica Chastain’s vibrant red hair color without dropping cash or making regrets at the salon. Try on different hair colors, cuts, and styles with just a click — and no credit card swipe. 

Besides the virtual hair makeover, you will also have access to a virtual makeup makeover. We didn’t just include boring, natural shades; We’ve got crazy and bold colors so you can see how they look without stuffing your drawers full of makeup that didn’t end up working out for you.

Some websites charge money for access to a virtual hair makeover. Ours is free. It’s yours to try out new hairstyles and makeup looks (and also makes for a great spoof on friends and family).

For more tips on getting the cut you want, use these tips for a great cut.