Haircuts for Coarse Hair

Coarse hair gets a bad rap, and not without reason. It can be difficult to manage, thick and unruly, and a handful — quite literally. But with the right cut and the right products, you should be able to tame those difficult strands. Try these haircuts for coarse hair.

A graduated, sleek bob is the perfect haircut for coarse hair. For this look, use a little pomade on your bob before you straighten it to achieve smooth, sleek hair. Look to stars like Tyra Banks, Tia Mowry, and Rihanna for tips on length and style. For even more looks, check out our gallery of coarse hairstyles.

If you want to keep your hair natural, ask for a longer cut with lots of layers to keep your naturally large hair from overpowering the main feature — your face. Marisa Tomei, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Selma Hayek all know how to feature the natural texture of their hair without making it the mane event.

Whichever of the haircuts for coarse hair you decide on, there is one tip everyone should know: limit your shampoos. Frequent shampoos are drying to coarse hair, and can leave it brittle and damaged. Shampoo every four days or so.

For more tips on taking care of and preventing damaged hair, read Summer Skin and Hair Repair.