’90s Hair: Our Loves & Loathes

A decade of hair dos and dont's and of course, The Rachel

Kate Moss Best and Worst '90s Hair

The flippy updo

Everyone copied Kate Moss’ casual updo. “It was a sexy alternative to a ponytail,” Decuers says. The pretty look is definitely worth reviving.

Step 1: You’ll need jaw or shoulder-length hair. Too long, and the ends will flop behind you — not chic.

Step 2: Brush wet or dry hair back into a low ponytail (but do not secure with an elastic). “Setting it low is what gives it a chignon-like elegance,” Decuers says.

Step 3: Twist it upward, French-twist-style, and secure with hairpins, a hair stick, your PDA’s stylus, whatever, and you’re good to go.