’90s Hair: Our Loves & Loathes

A decade of hair dos and dont's and of course, The Rachel

Cindy Crawford Best and Worst '90s Hair

Volume overload

Cindy’s roots are about as pumped up as shaken can of Pepsi. “This was a bit much, even then,” Decuers says. We’re going to say that’s an understatement. How many cans of hairspray had to die to create this ‘do? The horror.

To be fair, some volume is sexy, so check out this guide to a modern, non-showgirl look:

Step 1: Use hot rollers allover: brush a section back away from your face and then roll it under, toward your head. “If you were to brush sections up to the ceiling — a rookie move — you’ll get a helmet, like Cindy’s,” Decuers says. His way leaves the top flatter (in a good way) with curly-body cascading down the sides.

Step 2: When hair is cool, remove curlers and flip your head and shake the curls to loosen them.

Step 3: Toss your hair around and mist it with flexible-hold hairspray. Try Nexxus Comb Thru Natural Hold Design and Finishing Mist, $9.96.