What Guys Think of Your Haircut

How do you decide on a new haircut? Do you pore through celebrity hairstyle photos? Take a quiz to find your face shape and try to flatter it? Ask your mom, friends, co-workers, next-door neighbor, mailman?

Have you ever thought of polling a random group of 50 guys to see what they think about your haircut? No? Well, that’s what we did. Not so much because we think you should have a “man-pleasing haircut,” more because we were curious. (Admit it, you are too.)

We put together photos of 15 popular hairstyles and asked real guys to give their honest, anonymous opinions on them: how sexy they are, whether they’d talk to a girl with that look and what pops into their heads when they see them. Not surprisingly, these guys were (kinda brutally) honest about what hairstyles they love and which they find “mom-like” and “not hot.”

Some hairstyles were almost universally hated (keep reading to see which ones), but most had both lovers and haters — confusing, yes, but it also means that there’s likely plenty of guys out there who will be psyched about your haircut, no matter what it is.

Should you choose a haircut solely based on what guys think? Of course not, what do they know? (Answer: not much, as evidenced by some of their comments, you’ll see what we mean.) You should choose a haircut that flatters your face shape, works with your hair type and makes you feel beautiful. But it doesn’t hurt to see what guys are thinking, right? Yep, that’s what we thought. So click the next button to see men’s totally uncensored opinions about your hair.

Wondering what celebrities we picked? These lovely ones: Sienna Miller, Kristen Stewart, America Ferrera, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Kelly Rowland, Rachel Bilson, Salma Hayek, Dianna Agron, Jessica Simpson, and Ashlee Simpson.