13 Ways to Style Short Hair

Love, love, love your pixie cut but not sure what to do with it? We've got the solution

Short Hair Jessica Stroup

Curly bob

Jessica Stroup’s tousled curls put a fun, modern twist on a chin-length bob. To get it:

1. Spritz damp hair with volumizing spray. Flip all of your hair upside down and blow dry to add volume.

2. Once it’s dry, use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron to curl all of your hair and leave out the ends for that not-so-perfect vibe. Pin up each curl to hold the shape.

3. Once your curls cool, take them down and spritz with spray gel. Use your hands to gently scrunch them for a tousled look.

4. Mist all over with strong-hold hairspray to finish.