Lazy Girl’s Guide to Hair Care

Picture the laziest girl in the world. I’m totally imagining myself, are you? Because I am the ultimate in lazy when it comes to making myself look pretty. I love the results I get when I spend some extra time on my makeup and hair, but it happens so rarely.

OK, makeup is a bit easier, you can just swipe and go when you’re short on time. As for my hair, I always will it to magically transform and become perfect right after I step out of the shower. And I always believe it will happen, until I look in the mirror and see the abundant amount of frizz setting in. Pop. There goes my bubble.

And then I realized something. Even lazy girls like myself are willing to check out a really good hair guide if it means not having to worry about looking like a walking bad hair day every morning. Especially if it’s filled with shortcuts and tips to make the low maintenance girl’s life even easier.

So I tracked down Eric Sebbag, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Sebbag Essentials, and Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador, to get everything we need for the ultimate hair guide for lazy girls. Seriously — just read through it and you’ll love how great your hair looks, not to mention all of the time you save every morning.

Click here to see the hair care guide.