Cutest Celebrity Kids’ Hair

It’s definitely not news that some of Hollywood’s most fashionable trendsetters are children. I love spotting celebrities with their kids, especially when they have on adorable outfits and hairstyles to match. It just kills me how cute they are.

And I wouldn’t call myself a stalker or anything, but it’s totally a guilty pleasure, don’t you agree? I think it’s because I was nowhere near as stylish when I was young. I mean, Suri Cruise is already wearing high heels and growing out her hair. Swap out the heels with jellies and the long hair with a bowl cut and you’ve got 9-year-old me.

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Since it’s depressing to think about those days, I get gratification from seeing cute celebrity kids, whether it’s in pictures or in person. (OK, not so much in person, but I have had some impressive celebrity sightings in the past. I actually caught a glimpse of the back of Violet Affleck’s head. Jealous?)

I know what you’re thinking. Celebrities’ kids get a jump start because of their famous parents, duh. But scroll through the pictures and you’ll see that these kiddies can stand on their own without the help of Mom and Dad. (Well, figuratively, since they do need some help creating the hairstyles you’ll see in this gallery.)

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