Ultimate Guide for Straight Hair

Are you rocking a straight hairstyle? Then you'll love these tips to make your straight hair the best it can be

straight hair pantene hairspray

Fake some waves

Think your hair can’t hold a curl? Well, it might not when you try a curling iron or hot rollers, but Fitzsimons has a trick that will give you sexy, beachy waves that will last a lot longer than trying to heat style your hair.

Here’s what you do: when your hair is still wet, part your hair in the middle and create a tight French braid down each side of your head, from your forehead down to your neck. You can let your hair air dry in the braids or dry it with a blow dryer, but the trick is to not let your hair loose until it is 100 percent dry.

Once it is dry, take out the braids, loosen your hair with your fingers and spray it with hairspray like Pantene Classic Style Unforgettable Hairspray, $4. Sexy, no?