Hair Dare: 5 Minute Hairstyles

See how 10 staffers pulled off these easy hairstyles in 5 minutes flat (or less!)

easy hairstyle bun

Donut Bun

Who tried it: Sharon, Assistant Editor

Time it took: 3 minutes

What you need: A hair donut, an elastic, bobby pins

How to get it:

1. Start with dry hair and your natural hair texture. Brush your hair into a high ponytail, making sure there are no bumps along the way. Secure the ponytail with an elastic and slip the donut around the base.

2. Take 1-inch sections from your pony and wrap them around your donut. Pin down each section with a bobby pin. Continue until all of your hair is wrapped around the bun.

3.Mist all over with hairspray. Voila! A perfect bun in mere minutes.