Hair Dare: 5 Minute Hairstyles

See how 10 staffers pulled off these easy hairstyles in 5 minutes flat (or less!)

easy hairstyle curly side braid

Curly Side Braid

Who tried it: Devran, Email Marketing Specialist

Time it took: 1 minute, 9 seconds

What you need: Styling cream, an elastic, headband

How to get it:

1. Curly hair is perfect for a braid, since curls add lots of texture, says Irene. Just make sure you use conditioner in the shower, and don’t brush your curls out after.

2. Start by parting your hair in three sections, and braid your hair down your back. Use an elastic to secure the end of your braid, and bring it over one shoulder.

3. Complete the style by slipping on a fun headband or hair accessory (“feathers are really big,” says Barrett).

Click here to see the video of Devran doing the style