Top 12 Bun Hairstyles

There are a lot of great buns in Hollywood. OK, let us clarify -- there are a lot of great bun hairstyles in Hollywood. Classic and chic, we suggest you take a look at these 12 top styles

Blake Lively

Bohemian Bun

Blake Lively’s messy but sophisticated bun is right on the texture trend. To get this style, simply tease hair at the crown of the head. Then, brush hair all the way back and gather into a messy ponytail, making sure to pull out a few strands around the face. Tease random sections of the ponytail to create even more texture. After teasing, create a messy bun at the back of the head, leaving out some ends. You can pull out even more strands for that “haphazard-but-totally-not” look.