Best & Worst Kardashian Products

Nail polish, shoes, diet pills, laser treatments -- those are just a few of the products the Kardashian's hock. But are they really worth your money?

kim kardashian fragrance

No. 7: Kim Kardashian Fragrance

Grade: C+

Kim K. has launched four fragrances in the past few years — Kim Kardashian Signature $35, Gold, $35, Love (was limited edition), and True Reflection (in the works) — and in true Kardashian fashion, there are lovers and haters when it comes to all the scents.

Lovers: “A perfect white floral harmony!” (Kim Kardashian Signature) “Yummy fragrance! Light, sexy, very feminine!” (Love) “It is a sexy, womanly scent.” (Gold)

Haters: “Tackiest white floral fragrance ever. Sharp, screaming, seeking bad attention. Very much like the one it was named after.” (Kim Kardashian Signature) “In all seriousness, this smells straight up like an air freshener.” (Love) “This smells like an old man’s dirty musty sweaty shirt.” (Gold)