Best & Worst Kardashian Products

Nail polish, shoes, diet pills, laser treatments -- those are just a few of the products the Kardashian's hock. But are they really worth your money?

kim kardashian perfectskin

No. 6: PerfectSkin

Grade: C+

Have you ever seen a Kardashian with a HUGE pimple? Neither have I. The sisters claim it’s all due to the magic of PerfectSkin ($30/month), one of their many endorsements. The system is a three-step skin care regime that says it works on all skin types “by directly targeting unique skin issues to help repair the effects of free radical damage.” But how well does it work?

This is another product people either love or hate. “My skin is noticeably less blotchy and red, pores are definitely smaller, and my whole face is smoother and softer,” says one reviewer. Another says, “My face seems to be more evenly toned and I haven’t broken out.” But other customers claim PerfectSkin doesn’t work — and even worsens skin woes. “It hasn’t cleared up my acne at all,” says one reviewer. “My face has never been broken out so bad.” What’s more, complaints about bad customer service, over-charging, and delivery issues were on every review website.