12 Biggest Photoshop Disasters

I wish I had the perfect skin … and stomach … and hips … and hair … the list really goes on and on. Fortunately, with just a few little swipes of my mouse and some help from Photoshop, I can have a Victoria’s Secret model body — no plastic surgery or gym time required. Well, at least in photos. But does anyone else see a problem with this?

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While there’s no denying that technology is pretty awesome (thank you online shopping), certain advances have blurred the line between fact and fantasy, what’s real and what really needs a second look. How many times have you seen a model who looks a little too fresh-faced for 40? Or maybe a certain buxom celebrity who loses half her curves overnight? The culprit: Photoshop. Once a nifty photo-editing tool, this program has become a monster. (What else would you call something that makes entire legs disappear?) With so many people using image manipulation, major Photoshop disasters happen everyday — and we found the most outrageous ones.

We rounded up the worst of the worst Photoshop fails, images that are sure to have you wondering how anyone thought it was fit to print. Click here to see all the missing limbs, crazy eyes, and phantom hands, and other disasters Photoshop has spawned.