See Your Lip Color Horoscope

Quick poll: Do think the whole idea of decoding a person based on their birth date is totally nutso? Or are you the type who asks guys what their Zodiac signs are before their full name or phone number?

Whatever your answer is, odds are you’ve never thought of choosing your lip color makeup based on your horoscope. We’ll agree, the idea is a little out there, but when you really think about it (go with us for a moment), it totally makes sense. Different lip colors are better suited for certain personalities, Zodiac signs can help reveal your personality, ergo (yeah, we went there) your lip color can and should be chosen based on your Zodiac sign. A lip color horoscope doesn’t sound so crazy now, does it?

OK, even if we haven’t totally convinced you that lipstick horoscopes are the wave of the future; you should still check this out. Think of it as a new-fangled lipstick shopping guide — simplified by your Zodiac sign. First, we’ll get an inside look at each of the Zodiac signs, highlighting personality points and important attributes (and heck, we’ll even tell you a few fabulously-famous females you share a sign with, too). Then, we’ll tell you how to choose the ideal hue and formula (translation: you’ll be able to take a pick from mattes, shinies, creamies, glossies, etc.) to make your smacker stand out. The end result is a smoochable, sexy, astrologically-friendly mouth. The stars would most definitely approve.

Do you have the same sign as one of these celebs? Kate Hudson is an Aries, Jessica Alba is a Taurus, Jessica Simpson is a Cancer and Jennifer Lopez is a Leo. To find out which celeb shares your sign, check out the following slides for your celebrity makeup match.