See Your Lip Color Horoscope

Using your Zodiac sign, find the perfect lip color to complement your killer personality and style

Lip Color Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

What you’re like: Scorpios are serious, determined, curious, unafraid people. You love to travel, see the world, learn and be in control — of your destiny, fate and daily routine. Your symbol, the scorpion, is fitting. People are a wee bit afraid of you; you summon both fear and respect.

What you should wear: We like shades of maroon — simple yet sophisticated and polished — to suit the Scorpios’ need to be taken seriously. Try Dior DiorKiss in Iced Latte, $20 and Benefit Cosmetics Her Glossiness in Friends in High Places, $18.

Celebs who share your sign: A surgeon who loves to love other surgeons (on the screen), Ellen Pompeo, and fashion-forward star Anne Hathaway.