12 Worst Makeup Trends

Sure, they were hot for a second, but these celebrities show that not all makeup trends are worth trying

Emily Blunt Worst Makeup Trends

The crime: Too-nude lips

The culprit: Emily Blunt

The case: Blunt tried to do the right thing by pairing her beautiful smoky eye makeup with a nude lip. You’ve heard the advice a million times as well: if you emphasize your eyes, go easy on your lips.

So where did she go wrong? With the shade of nude she choose. It’s too close to her skin tone, causing her lips to blend in with the rest of her face and the overall look to be more dead-actress-walking than red-carpet-stunning.

The punishment: One month of carrying around a purse stuffed full of pinky lipgloss to remind her of her crime — and keep her from looking totally washed out.

The lesson: Nude lips are super tricky. You can do them, but make sure you add some warmth, gloss, something to keep you from looking, well, dead.