12 Worst Makeup Trends

Sure, they were hot for a second, but these celebrities show that not all makeup trends are worth trying

Gwen Stefani Worst Makeup Trends

The crime: False culturalization

The culprit: Gwen Stefani

The case: Orange County, Calif. girl attempts to convince world she was actually raised in New Dehli. Sorry, Stefani, we’re not buying it. Sure, the jewelry is cute, but turning another culture’s symbolism into your makeup fad just isn’t cool.

The punishment: Stefani must return all the bindi bling and donate 1,000 Disneyland t-shirts to a charity in Asia, that way they can capitalize on her culture.

The lesson: If you’re going to wear makeup or jewelry from another culture, at least learn the background and significance of it so you don’t look like a poser.