Best and Worst Celebrity Tans

Are they tan-tastic or Oompa Loompa scary? Get tips on which bronzed celebs you should copy to get a perfect sunless tan, and stay faaar away from the ones that should just go work at the Chocolate Factory

Heidi Klum Best Celebrity Tan

Best: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s skin is the perfect shade of bronze. To get an even sunless tan, Baraf says to use an aerosol spray self-tanner. Because you can control the movement of the can as you spray, you’re less likely to get streaks or blotches than if you use the lotion kind. Perfect.

And Klum’s tan isn’t the only perfect thing about her. Her hairstyles make her look like a goddess, and they’re all just as copy-able as her tan.