Perfect Plastic Surgery Face

We took the most-request celeb facial features and morphed them in to one face -- what do you think?

Perfect Plastic Surgery Face

If you could order up a perfect face: this person’s nose, that girl’s lips, her eyes or chin, would you? Plenty of people ask for celebrities’ facial features when they visit a plastic surgeon, which got us thinking …

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What would happen if you took the most requested celebrity facial features and put them all on one face? Would it be the ultimate, perfectly beautiful person? Or a Frankenstein-like mess? We decided to play around with our good buddy Photoshop to see what a plastic surgery celebrity face would look like.

Of course, some of these celebrity beauties have had plastic surgery themselves, which makes me wonder if women like the original versions of these stars or the “enhanced” ones. But we’re going to assume it’s the most recent look of each celebrity, enhanced or otherwise.

First off, let’s see what we’re dealing with, then we’ll show you the final, photoshopped results (which are unbelievably freaky, wait until you see). Dr. Daniel Slaughter shared which celebrity facial features are most asked for at his office in Austin, Texas — lips, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin — and why each feature is so great. Click here for the rundown on the perfect celebrity plastic surgery face.