10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries

Remember when we created this perfect plastic surgery face by morphing together the features of five gorgeous celebrities? Well, it sparked a discussion (which turned into an office-wide debate) about how far we would go to get the perfect face or body.

Some of us were willing to go as far as Botox injections. Others thought getting a nose job or breast implants was totally acceptable. A few even said they would pull a Heidi Montag and get the whole shebang done in one day. (We’re pretty sure they were joking. We’re beauty-obssessed, but not that crazy.)

When you look at the perfect plastic surgery face, those are probably the most common procedures both celebrities and regular women get. But they’re only some of the options you can choose from when it comes to changing your looks. In fact, the world of plastic surgery is getting creative. We dug up some of the not-so-common procedures and couldn’t believe what we found.

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If you’re curious, here are some hints to what these people are actually having done on themselves. One of them consists of sucking out fat from a different part of your body (you’ll never guess). Another one enhances your facial features with makeup … permanently. And stiletto-lovers, get this: you can even inject collagen into your heels to add padding from the inside.

So check out the list of extreme makeovers you probably didn’t know existed until now, and go ahead and ask yourself, “What are these people thinking?” We know you want to.

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