Do Your Own Prom Hair and Makeup

Not only do you save money, you'll get to use your awesome hair and makeup skills. Need we say more?

Aussie Three Minute Miracle

Prep in advance

For your hair: Start by doing a weekly conditioning treatment — a month before prom night. Potempa loves Aussie Three Minute Miracle, $3.25. “The key is to do it continuously,” she says. Also, a clear at-home gloss is really easy to apply yourself, and it will give your hair that same shine (try L’Oreal Paris Secrets Shine Gloss, $8.49).

For your makeup: Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your skin well in the days leading up to prom night, Stapleton says. And get your brows waxed a few weeks before prom night. “You never want to do these things so close to the event in case you have a reaction,” Stapleton says. “And please — avoid the sun. There’s nothing worse than being that scorched, uncomfortable girl who decided to lay out the day before prom.”