Celebs Who Look Like Their Dogs

It’s not a new phenomenon, I’m sure you’ve seen tons of people who look eerily like their dogs. But do celebrities fall into this trap too?

Heck yes. We found 18 celebrities who picked pets that are dead ringers for, uh, themselves. Some have similar facial expressions, hairstyles, body types, and others are simply dressed alike (can’t blame that on the dog though). All of them made us wonder, “don’t they see it?”

I’m guessing no, or at least, I hope not. It would be pretty nutso to intentionally get a dog that looked just like you, I mean, how narcissistic can you get?

Click here to see celebrities and their dogs.

So which celebrities have look-a-like dogs? Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Katherine Heigl, Tori Spelling, Ashley Tisdale and tons more. Wait until you see them.

Of course, after seeing all these celebrities with dogs, it’s made me want to get a puppy of my own. Now, should I get one that looks like me — or the total opposite? If I went the look-a-like route I might end up with a Chihuahua or a terrier — tiny, hyper and always cold (in the Chihuahua’s case). If I went the opposite route I might end up with a golden retriever or a bulldog — big and a wee bit intimidating (in the bulldog’s case). Hmmm, decisions, decisions …

After you check out the celebs’ dogs, tell us what you think — are they look-a-likes? And more importantly, does your dog look like you?

Click here to see celebrities and their dogs.