Graduation Hair and Makeup

You'll be sure to find the perfect hair and makeup combo for your big day in our gallery of gorgeous looks

jessica lowndes graduation hairstyle

Three ways to fix “hat hair”

• Have a crease from the cap? (Ugh, we hate when that happens.) “Just take two sections of hair in the front and braid them back to cover the crease,” says Grmolyes. It looks really cute, and it also keeps hair off your face, which is a bonus.

• You can throw all of your hair into an updo after you take off your cap. “Just pull it back into a tousled ponytail, twist the pony and let it fall into a bun, and then wrap a ponytail holder around it to secure it,” Grmolyes says. Voila — you’ve got a cute, messy bun that goes perfectly with the feel of summer, like Jessica Lowndes’.

• If you want to keep your hair down, you can bring a mini flat iron to straighten your hair and get rid of any creases (try: Hot Tools Helix Cordless Flat Iron, $60). It’s battery-operated, so you can touch up your hair on the go.