11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

This just proves that being famous doesn't automatically make you a clothing designer

Beyonce's House of Dereon fashion line fail

No. 10: Beyonce Knowles’ “House of Dereon”

Hmm … does anyone else think the pieces in Beyonce Knowles’ “House of Dereon” line (done in collaboration with her mom, Tina) look just like the stuff that Ed Hardy sells? Critics thought so too; they called the line “painful to look at,” saying that “every piece has too much going on; too many buttons, ties, and logos.”

“House of Dereon didn’t deserve a spot at fashion week,” says one reviewer. “Ugliest, cheapest-looking clothes I’ve ever seen.” Another critic calls it the “House of Dead Wrong,” saying the line is “laughable” and that they should stop pushing that “tacky, silly, country bootleg couture.” Ouch.