11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

This just proves that being famous doesn't automatically make you a clothing designer

Avril Lavigne's bad fashion line Abbey Dawn

No. 9: Avril Lavigne’s “Abbey Dawn”

Avril Lavinge’s line “Abbey Dawn” stopped being sold at Kohl’s in 2008. However, it’s still available on her website and even showed at Fashion Week in September of 2011, which seems odd, since so many reviewers were left asking how someone with such poor fashion sense could be allowed to design a clothing line.

It’s very “Avril” (aka: teeny bopper overload), which obviously attracted a very small percentage of girls ages 12 to 14. “If you like skulls, glitter, and graffiti, then ‘Abby Dawn’ is where you’ll want to shop,” says one critic. To sum it all up, here’s what another critic says: “Perhaps Abby Dawn’s ‘What The Hell’ t-shirt isn’t just referring to Avril’s latest single.”