11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

This just proves that being famous doesn't automatically make you a clothing designer

Madonna's Material Girl bad fashion label

No. 7: Madonna’s “Material Girl”

Madonna created this junior line for Macy’s with her teenage daughter, Lourdes. And while it’s been sold in stores since June 2010, women still aren’t impressed. Even celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch says he was left feeling “underwhelmed” by the designs. One woman says she went to buy something for her daughter, and found “the quality of the clothes was really terrible.” While it is a junior’s line that stresses affordability, “they use the cheapest fabric possible and it shows,” she says.

Another critic says that the line is meant for girls ages 13 to 25, but “only 25 year olds who have the body of a 13-year-old girl will [be able to] fit it.” This means that older, die-hard Madonna fans are squeezing their womanly figures into these tiny clothes, leading to another “low-rise/muffin top fiasco,” she says.