11 Major Celeb Clothing Line Fails

This just proves that being famous doesn't automatically make you a clothing designer

Miley Cyrus' Max Azria bad celebrity fashion line

No. 4: Miley Cyrus’ “Miley Cyrus and Max Azria”

The fact that Miley Cyrus’ clothing line with Max Azria has taken over Wal-Mart isn’t going over well with most women. “I walked into the store and I was shocked at how nearly everything in the clothing department has been replaced with clothing from Miley Cyrus’ new clothing line,” says one shopper. And the quality of the her clothes doesn’t compare to what Wal-Mart used to sell, says another shopper who bought one of Cyrus’ scarves and found that it was made of “terribly fragile material.”

Lucky for these women, there are rumors that the collaborative line is going to be shut down because it’s not doing well.