Clueless Makes a Comeback

"Clueless" is, like, having a major moment right now. That's why we've reimagined Cher's iconic closet for the year 2013

Cher’s Little White Dress

One of our favorite scenes is when Cher is about to head out on her date with Christian. Her dad stops her and asks what she’s wearing, and Cher says, “A dress.” Then her dad demands, “Says who?” to which Cher famously responds, “Calvin Klein.”

Calvin Klein actually re-released the exact same dress in 2010 to honor the movie’s 15th anniversary. This style and cut never really goes out of fashion, so you can’t go wrong with a little white slip dress. The key is accessorizing. Pair with a bright pop of color like a neon bangle or hot pink clutch, which will give it an updated twist.

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