10 Most Badass Concert Costumes of All Time

Think dressing up in costumes is kid stuff? We’re guessing you’ve never seen Rihanna, Katy Perry, or Nicki Minaj in concert. The ornate getups singers wear on tour give the word “costume” entirely new meaning — and put your sexy cat Halloween costume to shame.

And lately, our favorite pop divas have been stepping up their game and teaming up with the biggest designers. We’ve seen Rihanna collaborate with Givenchy to create haute couture stage ensembles, and Beyoncé just kicked off the Mrs. Carter’s Show World Tour with a collection of sexy, skin-tight body suits designed by The Blonds. And of course there’s Lady Gaga, who has called on Versace to design her outrageous tour costumes.

Clearly concert tour costumes are no longer the tacky ’80s catastrophes they once were. Now they’re haute couture works of art that combine crazy trends with cutting edge fashion.

So we’ve done some digging and picked the 10 most awesome concert outfits. Sure these creations aren’t going to work in everyday life, but they look pretty freaking fabulous once you add a concert stage and a fog machine. From Madonna to Selena Gomez, these ladies know how to rock kick-butt costumes and put on a killer show in the blink of a false eyelash.

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