Dye Time: Hair Color Trends to Try

Highlights the same color as your natural hair? So last year. Now you should try these colorful dyed tips

purple and green hair

Color Me

Now that you’ve decided to experiment with a little color, what color should you choose? O’Connor let us in on what shades work best depending on your hair and/or skin tone.

Pink: “This works best on blondes, however a brunette with a warm skin tone could wear a deep rich pink or a pink with a little more red in it. Pinks would also be fun on redheads.”

Blue: For girls with dark hair and an olive complexion, O’Connor recommends navy, while blondes should try a turquoise or pale blue.

Purple: All skin tones suit purple, but O’Connor especially loves it on a dark brunette.

Green: “I only see this working on a blonde, it’s a tough shade,” says O’Connor.