Superstar Hairstylists You Need to See

Celebs don't just go to any old stylist for a haircut. Meet the peeps behind some of the most iconic looks ever



You know someone’s a big deal when they only go by one name, i.e. Madonna. And in the field of beauty, this rule is upheld by Oribe (pronounced or-bay), one of the most sought after celebrity hairstylists. Oribe first made his mark in the world of runway hair. Up until the 1990s, most designers neglected the importance that great hair played in a fashion show. But that all changed when Oribe styled a Chanel presentation in 1992. His purposefully disheveled hairstyles stole the show and Oribe’s career took off.

Oribe went onto style Jennifer Lopez’s first album cover “On the Six,” and create Lopez’s ’60s-inpsired bouffant that she wore to the 2002 Oscars. For Oribe, it’s all about big hair: “I do have a signature — it’s always a little exaggerated,” says Oribe. “In my salons, there’s a luster to the hair, a sexuality, and a fullness — most people think I just do big hair, but it’s touchable and glamorous.”

If you want a signature Oribe look, you can try to get an appointment at his Miami salon, where he charges $400 per cut.