10 New, Non-Boring Ponytails

You’ve watched the movie “Mean Girls” right? What’s up with their rules? “You can’t wear a tank top two days in a row, and you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week. So I guess you picked today. Oh, and we only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays.”

Only allowed to wear a ponytail once a week? What would our bad hair days look like? We’re pretty sure you’d agree that ponytails are lifesavers on those days. (Chances are, you’re wearing one right now.)

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Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with sporting a ponytail every day in our version of “Mean Girls.” (Shall we call it “Beauty Riot Girls”? Ehh. You’re right. Moving on.) But the problem is when it’s the exact same ponytail you’ve been wearing since elementary school. There’s nothing more outdated than wearing the same look for years.

Since we love stirring up excitement, we found 10 fab new ponytails we had to share with you. They looked amazing on these celebrities, so why not on you? Whitney Port, Lucy Liu, Hayden Panettiere, Emmy Rossum, Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Simpson. Each look comes with a quick tip on making the ponytail work.

Best part is, you won’t find anything dull or boring with these looks. They’re fun, flirty and totally easy to do on yourself. Start with the basics, and you can add your own textures and accessories (you could even try extensions in your ponytail!) to make your personality stand out. Sure beats pulling your hair back into a regular ponytail with an elastic every day.

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